Digital Transformation using Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is no more a traditional Microsoft Product Suite. Let’s not focus on traditional license selling, selling Dynamics 365 requires consulting or smart sales. Sellers need to make a concerted effort to understand the metrics and challenges within a specific industry then the business of the potential customer and finally the stakeholders within those businesses. This will dramatically increase your conversion rates.

Dynamics 365 enables organizations to build personalized experiences across all customer touch-points. It provides a 360-degree view of all customer interactions and allows for contextual engagements to be delivered across sales, customer service, marketing, field service, finance etc.

Identify pain areas and gain areas

Unfortunately, you can’t go to a customer with a white mark and say, “tell me what your pain points are” they are expecting value for me, in other words you really have to do the research before you even get to the customer. Fortunately, research tools like Financial Reports, LinkedIn and InsideView are helpful to do a thorough research.

Use a cheat sheet when understanding exactly what the challenges are, what the pains are that the business is facing and what the roles are within those businesses that you are dealing with in a daily basis. And making sure that those pains are then married back to the solution

The power of stack

The introduction of Dynamics 365 provides the opportunity to ensure consistent, world-class excellence, right across: sales, marketing, operations, and service (including field service, project service and customer service). Dynamics 365 gives the unified and seamless experience across all the business areas of your customer. With common data model arriving in place, Dynamics 365 has become one of the strongest business application suite, cutting cost and increase profitability.

For those who sell Dynamics 365,

a. This story needs to be adapted to the industry you are selling to

b. When telling this story, you need to use the specific language used in that industry

c. Telling this story enables you to demonstrate where the Dynamics 365 technology suite can solve specific business problems.

Other Benefits of Dynamics 365

Compete Fusion

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