Digital Transformation using Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is no more a traditional Microsoft Product Suite. Let’s not focus on traditional license selling, selling Dynamics 365 requires consulting or smart sales. Sellers need to make a concerted effort to understand the metrics and challenges within a specific industry then the business of the potential customer and finally the stakeholders within those businesses. This will dramatically increase your conversion rates. Keep on reading!

Telecom to Spark: A journey of customer experience

Communication is the backbone for every single person on the planet to achieve more. And effective communication becomes the need of the day to stay productive and result oriented. Further, required resources needs to be in place at the right time to communicate efficiently. Keep on reading!

Speech to text: An excellent potential feature for the salesforce on the move

Yes, speech to text is a great potential feature of Dynamics 365 CE. I just did the PoC and it was amazing to see how voice memos can be converted to text using Azure cognitive services in real time. Of-course, it has its own learning curve to be one of the cool IPs, but it still works fine and suffice the requirement. It can also let users to choose capabilities like capitalization, punctuation, and normalization. It does support multiple languages. Keep on reading!