How to upgrade Project Service Automation and Field Service to latest version?

A lot of customers are now getting emails to upgrade their Project Service Automation (PSA) and Field Service (FS). Since early 2019, Microsoft has communicated Field Service (online) and Project Service Automation end of life for web-client based versions of these applications (v6/7 for Field Service and v1/2 for Project Service Automation). As of March 1st, customers running these versions have been unsupported.

 In addition, it is critical that all customers on earlier versions of FS v8 or PSA v3 upgraded to the latest. Microsoft have begun to push automatic updates:

  • For FS, customers on 8.8.6 and higher have begun to receive automatic updates.
  • For PSA, customers on 3.10.2 and higher have begun to receive these auto-updates, as well.

A lot of customers are not eligible for automatic upgrades because customers are on earlier version of PSA and FS. Hence customers need to perform upgrades by their global administrators between late June 2020 to November 2020. Here is how you need to initiate your upgrade.

Step 1: Copy your PRODUCTION to SANDBOX

Copy PRODUCTION environment to SANDBOX to ensure you have the same copy of the environment. It is always better to perform these upgrades over the weekend so that no transactions are created in the system and you can roll back if need to in case there is a failure of the upgrade before the beginning of the week.

Step 2: Ensure that processes related to PSA, FS and Unified Resource Scheduling (URS) are activated.

  1. Navigate to Settings/Customizations/Customize the system
  • Click on Processes and filter out with Managed processes and ensure that all the processes related to PSA, FS and URS are activated.

Step 3: Initiate upgrade of PSA

It is better the initiate the upgrade of PSA before you upgrade FS. No technical reason but it has been observed that FS fails sometimes.

  1. Navigate to admin center of Dynamics 365
  • Select environment and click solutions.
  • Find out Project Service Automation and click Upgrade.

Step 4: Upgrade failed. Activate processes again

You might encounter that upgrade has failed for no reasons. And because you don’t have any technical grounds that why the upgrade has failed, you might end up creating ticket to Microsoft which will have its own due course to get things resolved. A simple step to get this done on your own is to REPEAT STEP 2 and STEP 3 and you will notice that this time, PSA is upgraded successfully.

Step 4: Initiate upgrade of FS

  1. Find out Field Service and Click Upgrade
  • Field Service upgraded successfully

Step 5: Test functionalities

Test out your major processes and functionalities if they are performing as expected.

Step 6: Upgrade your PRODUCTION environment

Follow Step 1 to Step 5 to perform upgrade on Production environment.