Resolve issues using Solution Health Hub in Dynamics 365

Solution Health Hub allows you to get a better picture of the state of your environment and detect issues with your Dynamics 365 environment. The Solution Health Hub runs rules within an instance to validate the environment’s configuration, which might change over time through natural system operations. Some of the rules are specific to Sales, Marketing, Field Service, IoT and Document Management and you can run the rules on demand when you encounter an issue. Some rules automatically trigger when solutions are installed or updated by Microsoft. It is recommended that you run health check to early detect the potential issues to continue BAU (Business as usual).

Here are a few common issues the Solution Health Hub detects:

  • If critical Marketing workflows are deactivated
  • If critical Field Service processes are deactivated
  • If processes that will cause an upgrade to fail are assigned to disabled users
  • Customized web resources that will later lead to runtime issues

Previously I encountered error during an upgrade of Field Service where Solution Health Hub could have helped to identify the blockage issues. See my previous blog here.

Recently, I faced the following issue when I was working on Marketing forms in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Because, this is a unique error to which we have no clue, we end up creating Microsoft Support ticket which would take its own SLA to identify, research and resolve.

Guess what, I was able to resolve this issue by myself within 5 min. I just saved a huge amount of time. Here is what I did.

  1. Navigate to Dynamics 365/Solution Health Hub
  • Click on Analysis Jobs/+New/Select Marketing rule set/Click OK. There are already in-built rules designed for health analysis for various modules as mentioned above. You can create your own if you need.
  • Once it runs, you will get the following screen with analysis results. It will clearly highlights if there is any issue. Select the record and click Resolve.
  • Your issues will be resolved within fraction of seconds.